Welcome to MapOn Design.
Welcome to MapOn Design.
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Welcome to MapOn!

At MapOn we love maps.  It is all about the history, the places, the colors, the perspective, etc.  Everyone has a story to tell about where they live or where they have been, now you can add those places to your home whether it is in your cupboard, on your wall, on your couch.

We are only in the beginning stages of our designs and we are adding more products weekly.  At the moment historic maps are our focus but in the future expect to see more modern designs.

Let us know what you might want to see next.

Follow us at @mapondesign.

Featured Historic Map Pillow

Here is just one of many historic map pillows in our collection.  See below to pick your state.

ND City of Bismarck Pillow - 1950
ND City of Bismarck Pillow - 1950

ND City of Bismarck Pillow - 1950

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Historic Map Pillows

Our historic map collection is made up of a few unique perspectives.  This includes modern day city limit overlays and some historic lake areas.

Historic Map Pillow Covers

Do you already have a throw pillow at home that needs a face lift?  Go ahead and pick up one of our pillow covers to bring that pillow a new life.

Bring your own pillow insert!!

ND Historic Map Mugs

Our historic city mug collection gives a unique perspective as to where our cities use to be compared to where they are today.  A great conversation piece at any coffee counter or water cooler.

More designs on their way!!